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Savio did another amazingly gorgeous and simple hair! Savio's textures aren't ridiculously bad but I have to say, Anubis has converted me, I am now a full believer in the "real highlights" thing, I still think that it looks horrible if you want real highlights that are totally different than your main hair color but I think that it is better than the other way.... Thanks Sav! And I hope you like my new model, I think she's udderly adorable! I've tried downloading a little more CC to use on my models as opposed to my previous stance of "no CC on models!", Lemon Leaf's makeup is wonderful but I've found that her contacts are extremely scary.... If you are wondering about anything the models have don't hesitate to ask :)

Poly Count: The polycount is high but not as bad as some others, it's about 12k
Credits: Cazy/Anto for the texture
Savio for the pretty hair

I will try doing it for children but I haven't even started yet so I don't know how it'll go, my last savio age conversion didn't go so well.....

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When I set out to retexture this recent Peggy hair I didn't know what to expect, it looked like a cute hair but the textures were very pixelated (even for peggy's standards!) however once I retextured it I was like WOW I really love this hair! I think that this hair is gorgeous and extremely sexy. It's classic and elegant. I think that it would be perfect if you were making a Little Bo Peep sim, all you would need is a bonnet! Oh and I got a new model too hope you like her :)

Peggy Obviously
Anubis for allowing me to use his textures and for being insanely helpful, thanks nubie :)

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Some people were asking for this and I thought it was a good idea also. You either really hate this hair or you love it, personally I'm somewhere in the middle, I think that it would work well if you used it on the correct sim (which none of my models are), so hopefully some of you have some unique sims out there that like this hair! This hair was a big pain to convert, it has so many jagged corners and edges that it was hard to tell in milkshake whether it was overlapping or if it was just the mesh! Also there are several versions out there Savios and Geldyths have alignment issues but Infusorians version fixed that so I converted her version. (Of course I did Savio's at first *facepalm*) thanks!

Polycount: 4946

Credits: Thanks Infusorian for the Conversion
Thanks HP for the tutorial
Thanks Anubis/Pooklet for the textures
Thanks Lady Front Bum for the Skins

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So just another quick retexture! This hair needed it very badly, it's fairly old and as far as I could find no one else has retextured it! I thought it was cute so I took a whack at it, I hope you like it. The original conversion by Savio

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*Fails to think of witty title* Speed is the key as all great retexturers know (and then there's people like me who no body likes but decides to post all his work just to occupy time as it seems....) Anyway this is retextured Shymoo 7. There isn't a whole lot to say about it.... I have a bunch of retextures but haven't posted them yet, I've been trying to get prettier models and a normaler photo set, I was half way through that but that needs to wait.... So here you go then! I'm pretty sure that this hair is high poly, didn't check for sure though!
In CAS there is a strange lighting effect on the hair, it's not a big deal and doesn't appear in game, it's not my fault (the original hair had this) and I didn't know how to fix it so I just left it, if anyone can give me any instructions on this please let me know (I assume it's some weird speculator issue but I haven't really looked)

EDIT: This hair has been fixed, it is now a retexture of Savio's version which added the missing LODs. If you're one of the 7 people that got the old version please redownload. Thanks Sav !!!!


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