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I'm VERY excited, this is my first conversion and I think that I did a great job! Just from looking at the screenshots you can tell that I fixed a lot of things from previous hairs. I'm using a new texture by Anubis/Pooklet which I have always really loved. My first conversion isn't very ambitious I suppose, I've had some trouble with bone assignments so that's why I chose a short hair, and besides that I liked the hair and males really need the selection! It works for all ages and they all come in a single .package file (No three packages for a single hair). I think that it came out really good for my first try, it isn't perfect I know, there are a couple minor flaws! There is a speculator problem which causes the hair to be shiny in CAS however it is not visible in the game! I'm really sorry about that, I know that it's a common issue but I couldn't find any solution to it, if anyone help me with this I would be most thankful and would fix it right away. Also as you can see from the screens there is a little mesh deformation on the scalp, it's not very noticable unless you look at sims from that angle, and even then it's not a huge deal. I hope these minor issues don't turn you off from downloading, I worked hard at this hair!

Thank you Raon for the hair and for allowing me to convert it.
Thank you Anubish for allowing me to use your textures
Thank you Delphy for QaudPE
Thank you HP for DABOOBS and your tutorial
Thank you Lady Front Bum for all the models skins.

Poly Counts
This hair has a decent Poly count. LOD0 has 8080 polys which is just a little more than EAs. For Custom hair this is pretty good, all 3 LODs are included and fuction correctly, they're not very important to list though.


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So here's a preview for my latest project Raon 30. It's my first ever sucessful conversion and I'm extremely proud! It's not perfect but I think that it's pretty good! I broke down and bought milkshake and I was able to complete the tutorial easily! I'm still having a few problems with bone assignments on long hairs but once I get that ironed out I'll be good!

For this hair all I really need to do still is convert it for toddlers/children. Now for some giggles take a look a my real first conversion. It's really not THAT bad but like I said bone assignments.... yuck. The first hair should be uploaded in a few days the 2nd hair will be uploaded whenever I sort through its issues.


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