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So just another one I've been working on, I've been very productive the last few days! It's for children and toddlers both genders, credits go the Anubis for the original conversion!

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This was on my big bucket list of "hairs that really should be for kids too", I've been offline for the last few days because my house was nearly struck by lightning and luckily it didn't actually hit it but it knocked out a lot of things like water, cable, phone, internet, and lot's of other stuff, and my TV was fried :'( I'm sad about that. Compared to what COULD of happened though we were very lucky and I am thankful :)

It's for males and females but I don't care for it on girls so I didn't take any pictures of them, maybe someone will want it though.....  Thanks Tum!


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Hi! This hair was requested, it was actually a very simple conversion! I think it came out pretty good... it's the retexture by me (Just check the post beneath this! ) Thanks to Savio of course! (Check below for more information) It's 12k polys. Oh and I'm doing a little site work, you probably notice that the theme is miles better than the last one, I also hope to have a banner, siggy and affiliate icon by the end of the day :)

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This hair is cute... just not on adults. The original was by Raon but I converted Anubis's Fix & Retexture I did it for Kids and toddlers but the toddler version annoyed the hell out of me! I think that the child version looks good but the toddler version just looks horrible to me! I know that it is WAY too big for their head and it floats insanely! If I made it any thinner then it overlapped the sims face a lot and I thought that that looked worse than the way it is now, it's simply hard to do an age conversion of some hairs, please don't bitch at me about it because I know it's bad, I just don't have the meshing skills to do a better job of it! The packages are seperate in the file so you can download just the child version, maybe somebody will have a use for the toddler version/not mind it's faults.... sorry :'(

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This hair constitutes a success and a failure. The success is that I found out that I can do age conversions of long hair without losing bone assignments! The failure is that I've found out that you can't convert long hair to toddlers without some major editing... I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get it fixed for toddlers but I still think that it looks great on children. I did two versions of this hair one of Savio's original and one of Anubis's retexture hopefully one of the versions will make you happy. I don't know which one I really like more because I like them both but on different models! (The blond with Anubis and the 2 others with Savio)

WARNING! This hair is EXTREMELY high poly (About 15k) use at your own risk!!!!!!! 

Thank you Savio & Anubis
Thank you Lady Front Bum for the skins
Thank you HP & Delphy for everything you guys do


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