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Hey guys, I don't know what's up, I just haven't been in the mood for any hairs lately! I've been working at some other stuff and I have a few cool sets that I'm working on, I have a short attention span and I flit between projects a lot :P so anyway here's another painting set, sorry it's so small, I normally like to release big sets since the painting "market" is so competitive that you need big sets to stand out..... I found a couple (four to be exact) neat designs and so here you go, the weirdest part is that yesterday (after I finished it) I saw the Homer one in real life! talk about coincidences!

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Have you ever seen Foboart's from deviants work? He is such an amazing artist and I love everything he's done. So I converted nearly every piece of his art (save a few that just didn't fit on the painting mesh I was using) for the Sims. They would be adorable in a nursery or kids room (most of them anyway). Please check out his original artwork here! (and sorry about the spelling mistake in the title -_-)

So it total that is 36 paintings all linked to a single mesh/slot


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