Jun. 24th, 2010

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So just another quick retexture! This hair needed it very badly, it's fairly old and as far as I could find no one else has retextured it! I thought it was cute so I took a whack at it, I hope you like it. The original conversion by Savio

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So here's a preview for my latest project Raon 30. It's my first ever sucessful conversion and I'm extremely proud! It's not perfect but I think that it's pretty good! I broke down and bought milkshake and I was able to complete the tutorial easily! I'm still having a few problems with bone assignments on long hairs but once I get that ironed out I'll be good!

For this hair all I really need to do still is convert it for toddlers/children. Now for some giggles take a look a my real first conversion. It's really not THAT bad but like I said bone assignments.... yuck. The first hair should be uploaded in a few days the 2nd hair will be uploaded whenever I sort through its issues.


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