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T-Shirts, are they difficult? no, are they uber cute and fun to make? YES! Here is a set of 16 t-shirts (all under one CAS slot) for children both genders, everyday, athletic & sleepwear. All credits for the original images go to the original artists! Thanks!!

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Hi everyone! So... I don't know if anyone feels the same way but EA's clothing selection for children sucks! Especially for swimwear because we had like 2 choices of outfits for them, either shorts and a top which is a little odd and isn't really swimwear or a one piece which is alright but it was kinda ugly and I know that children do have a little bit more variety than that. So I converted that one cute bikini for adults to children and man was it tough! It took a long time but I think I got it to a point where it looks decent! I expect to get burned on it because it really isn't a style a child would wear, maybe for a preteen but yeah it's totally unrealistic, I just was desperate for a little variety... don't hate me for it! The top & bottom are seperate so you can mix & match, 2 channels a piece obviously, the designs shown are the presets.


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