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I am no longer using this blog!!!! Dreamwidth annoys me!
Please find my at my new Blogger location where I will be doing all my uploads from now on!!!!!

I will leave this blog up so that links are not broken.

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This hair had such great potential, my theory is that Peggy's real name is Peggy-Sue and she lives in Texas which is why she's fond of such ginormous hair. I did my best but no texture can save this hair........

Thanks to: Anubis, Lili, AllaboutStyle, Subaxi, Lady Front Bum, and Lemon Leaf (And maybe some I forgot 0.0) for model stuffs

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So..... I don't really like this hair, some people wanted it so I did it.... but it's not my taste, hopefully you'll like it :)

Thanks to:
Poppy, AllaboutStyle, Anubis, Shady, Lemon Leaf, Jiao, Aikea, Anto, Savio, Peggy, EA, Subaxi, and Lady Front Bum for model stuff, for specifics ask me. Most are linked to the side (working on completing that!)

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Hi guys! So it's my first upload from my new computer! It's great! I've been doing a LOT of work. Besides the fact that I have way less free time because of school I also have been working on moving! Within the coming week I will be closing this blog and moving officially over to my new one at blogger because I like Blogger better. I also have done TONS of model work, I have 3 new adult models and 2 others that were old ones that have been edited. They look a lot better, you'll see 4 of them in the screens here, this is a cute one for formal occasions (good for everyday too but I wanted them in formal for some reason :P) Hope you like!

Poly count is about 14k, kinda high.

Thanks Tum!

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Wow so much to talk about! I have some good news..... and some bad news........

Good news first, I have gotten my new computer and guess what?? The bone tool works!!!!!! This means that I will be able to do a lot more conversions!

Now the bad news, obviously as you can see the bandwidth issues have not been worked out yet, the plan I had failed obviously so at this point it's either buy bandwidth or move EVERYTHING to a new host (don't wanna do that) 

Now for more bad news, tomorrow I head back to school so I will have way less time to update. I 'm actually really excited for this year though, I'm entering high school which should be cool and I'm also taking some challenging classes (yes I am a nerd :D), I'm still pretty nervous though because I'm a bit of a procrastinator! 

So it's a big time of change! I can't wait to see what comes of the future :)

Enjoy this picture


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