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So just another one I've been working on, I've been very productive the last few days! It's for children and toddlers both genders, credits go the Anubis for the original conversion!

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Okay so even though things are hectic (School starts Wednesday, house is still screwed from the lightning and the image problem) I still wanted to post one of the things I've been working on then forgot about XD Here is Nubie's Peggy 4781 Conversion for children I didn't do it for toddlers because I saw really early on that it just wouldn't work. About 7000 polys for HQ. Thanks Nubie! I LOVE this hair! And thanks Simcredible for the cute pattern

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Hey guys as you probably can notice my photobucket's bandwidth has been exceeded, I still don't really know what I'm going to do, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully I can get all the images back up in a few days :) 
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This accessory is SO pretty! Anto's original was great and Anubis's conversion was amazing! I've been waiting patiently (no just kidding I was ripping my hair out impatiently) but I think nubie forgot to do it for the kiddies like he said he was going to :'( 

It's under glasses, the poly count is about 4000 for HQ, all the LODs are assigned properly (the adult version had a slight mistake, he had LOD 2 where 1 should be and 1 where 3 should be)

You can find all the hairs at Anubis's blog except for the blond toddler's which you can find here.

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This was on my big bucket list of "hairs that really should be for kids too", I've been offline for the last few days because my house was nearly struck by lightning and luckily it didn't actually hit it but it knocked out a lot of things like water, cable, phone, internet, and lot's of other stuff, and my TV was fried :'( I'm sad about that. Compared to what COULD of happened though we were very lucky and I am thankful :)

It's for males and females but I don't care for it on girls so I didn't take any pictures of them, maybe someone will want it though.....  Thanks Tum!



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