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2010-09-11 08:35 pm
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I have moved!

I am no longer using this blog!!!! Dreamwidth annoys me!
Please find my at my new Blogger location where I will be doing all my uploads from now on!!!!!

I will leave this blog up so that links are not broken.

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2010-08-24 08:07 pm
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Wow so much to talk about! I have some good news..... and some bad news........

Good news first, I have gotten my new computer and guess what?? The bone tool works!!!!!! This means that I will be able to do a lot more conversions!

Now the bad news, obviously as you can see the bandwidth issues have not been worked out yet, the plan I had failed obviously so at this point it's either buy bandwidth or move EVERYTHING to a new host (don't wanna do that) 

Now for more bad news, tomorrow I head back to school so I will have way less time to update. I 'm actually really excited for this year though, I'm entering high school which should be cool and I'm also taking some challenging classes (yes I am a nerd :D), I'm still pretty nervous though because I'm a bit of a procrastinator! 

So it's a big time of change! I can't wait to see what comes of the future :)

Enjoy this picture

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2010-08-21 12:59 pm
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Bandwidth Exceeded :(

Hey guys as you probably can notice my photobucket's bandwidth has been exceeded, I still don't really know what I'm going to do, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully I can get all the images back up in a few days :) 
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2010-07-23 06:18 pm
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Taking requests

Hi :) So I've been wanting to do requests for a little while and this is what I got, I'm not that good so I may not be able to everything you want, I'll try my best but if it turns out shitty then I don't want to release it.

My rules
- Age Conversions, Retextures, gender conversions & Fixes only
- I'll do my best for fixes
- Please request only 1 or 2 hairs at a time
- It may take me a while, if it is something that you need urgently then please let me know and I'll do my best
- For age conversions no accessories please
- Some hairs are just hard to get to look good, children heads are shaped differently than adults therefor hairs with no bangs (such as nouk's rockabilly hairstyle) are a challenge
- Sometimes long hairs can cause problems on toddlers
- Please be kind, I'm human and I'm far from perfect at this, I may not be able to do every single request

Request Form

Your username:
Link to hair:
Service needed:

Repeat the last 2 lines if you are requesting more than one hair

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2010-06-24 04:31 pm
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Preview: Raon 30 (My first Conversion)

So here's a preview for my latest project Raon 30. It's my first ever sucessful conversion and I'm extremely proud! It's not perfect but I think that it's pretty good! I broke down and bought milkshake and I was able to complete the tutorial easily! I'm still having a few problems with bone assignments on long hairs but once I get that ironed out I'll be good!

For this hair all I really need to do still is convert it for toddlers/children. Now for some giggles take a look a my real first conversion. It's really not THAT bad but like I said bone assignments.... yuck. The first hair should be uploaded in a few days the 2nd hair will be uploaded whenever I sort through its issues.

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2010-06-01 03:50 pm
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Welcome to "Look a Plumbob!"

Welcome to "Look it's a Plumbob over My Head" or simply Look a Plumbob OR if you want it really short you can simply call it LAP , I'm the site owner Robodl95 but you can just call me Rob, this site will be the home to many of my creations, my works in progress and some commentary on various things happening around the community. Primarily I would like to say that I am a Mod the Sims creator; however, as much as I love MTS there are various things that I don't like, I will continue to upload there but you will get things faster here. The site doesn't look fantastic at the moment but hopefully it should improve, Dreamwidth was recomended to me by Jordy/Jordoo Sims who you might know from his retextures, big thank you to him for getting me here and helping me :) so Thanks Jordy!!!!

It will take a little bit of time for me to get my previous works uploaded so stick with me :)