Jun. 1st, 2010

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Welcome to "Look it's a Plumbob over My Head" or simply Look a Plumbob OR if you want it really short you can simply call it LAP , I'm the site owner Robodl95 but you can just call me Rob, this site will be the home to many of my creations, my works in progress and some commentary on various things happening around the community. Primarily I would like to say that I am a Mod the Sims creator; however, as much as I love MTS there are various things that I don't like, I will continue to upload there but you will get things faster here. The site doesn't look fantastic at the moment but hopefully it should improve, Dreamwidth was recomended to me by Jordy/Jordoo Sims who you might know from his retextures, big thank you to him for getting me here and helping me :) so Thanks Jordy!!!!

It will take a little bit of time for me to get my previous works uploaded so stick with me :)
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Kicking us off on my rapid fire previous project uploads is my ugly shell no more which gets rid of the horribly ugly turtle shell on the toddler toy table, I never liked it because it was so blurry and uck! 

I uploaded 2 versions a default which will over write the original turtle and a non default which will be a separate entry in the catalog.
Please give me your feedback on what upload server to use, at present they are on Multi-Upload but I want your feedback.

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Whether curling up by the fire or cracking open a book this historic Two Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom will be sure to please you and your budding family. As I said already it is a two bedroom, 1.5 bath but the second bedroom is pretty huge and can sleep three. It's one of my favorite homes that I've ever made.

If you were wondering what that little shed thing is it's just a little bit of extra space that you can do what you will with, at present all that's there is a table and chairs, a bookcase and a picture but it easily could become an office, studio, gym, 3rd bedroom (If you want your kids to live in a shed 0.o) etc.


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