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So..... I don't really like this hair, some people wanted it so I did it.... but it's not my taste, hopefully you'll like it :)

Thanks to:
Poppy, AllaboutStyle, Anubis, Shady, Lemon Leaf, Jiao, Aikea, Anto, Savio, Peggy, EA, Subaxi, and Lady Front Bum for model stuff, for specifics ask me. Most are linked to the side (working on completing that!)


Date: 2013-05-30 01:24 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Charles, you are completely crercot. Who knows why Antinuke is in that photo? I, personally, have had my photo taken with everyone from Preston Manning to Bob Rae, not necessarily because I supported either, but because as a columnist and former Rogers commentator, I attended numerous events with numerous political figures and wanted souvenirs', if you will.Perhaps Antinuke, knowing the NDP could not win Federally, she went with what she considered the next best thing'. I have never been a party animal'. Maybe Atinuke isn't either. Good on her.


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