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Hi :) So I've been wanting to do requests for a little while and this is what I got, I'm not that good so I may not be able to everything you want, I'll try my best but if it turns out shitty then I don't want to release it.

My rules
- Age Conversions, Retextures, gender conversions & Fixes only
- I'll do my best for fixes
- Please request only 1 or 2 hairs at a time
- It may take me a while, if it is something that you need urgently then please let me know and I'll do my best
- For age conversions no accessories please
- Some hairs are just hard to get to look good, children heads are shaped differently than adults therefor hairs with no bangs (such as nouk's rockabilly hairstyle) are a challenge
- Sometimes long hairs can cause problems on toddlers
- Please be kind, I'm human and I'm far from perfect at this, I may not be able to do every single request

Request Form

Your username:
Link to hair:
Service needed:

Repeat the last 2 lines if you are requesting more than one hair

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