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2010-09-11 03:45 pm

Sorry Peggy, Snooki called and she wants her bump-it back!

This hair had such great potential, my theory is that Peggy's real name is Peggy-Sue and she lives in Texas which is why she's fond of such ginormous hair. I did my best but no texture can save this hair........

Thanks to: Anubis, Lili, AllaboutStyle, Subaxi, Lady Front Bum, and Lemon Leaf (And maybe some I forgot 0.0) for model stuffs

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2010-09-11 08:35 pm
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I have moved!

I am no longer using this blog!!!! Dreamwidth annoys me!
Please find my at my new Blogger location where I will be doing all my uploads from now on!!!!!

I will leave this blog up so that links are not broken.